We’re all AVENGERS part I (Camptain America)-1a

Some of us dreamed with being astronauts, firefighters, police officers, etc. Some others, dreamed with being superheros, like Captain America!!



We’re all AVENGERS part I (Camptain America)-1b

We all love (well, at least me, the Art teacher) Marvel comics.

In the last 1ºb art class, we did a Captain American mask!!

We have a lot of fun taking pictures, at the Captain American style!!


Recycled paper 1b

Here at school, we’re conscious about the importance of recycling. That’s why we’re using paper from previous drawings, using the clean side of the paper!!

The best part of recycling, is that we have as much as fun!!!

1c Comic

The 1st C students are no behind anyone!!

A proof of this the nest collection of comics!!

Write a comment!! it could be in Spanish!!


1b Comic

Some students from 1b did these great comics!!

Take a look and write us a comment!!

1a Comic

Hi there!! We’re back with more drawings and fun!!

Check out the latest 1a drawings!!

Trailwalker 1c

Hey!! Take a look to this trailwalker drawings!!