Marvel (spider-man)1c

Spiders are great!! They climb up walls and weave webs to catch their food!!

We eat candys and climb up trees, just like spider-man!!! (in our way)


Mavel II (Hulk)1a

There are many times in which I feel identificated with Hulk, overall when my students are playing around, instead of doing their work!!

Marvel (Spider-man) 1a

We like the Itsy Bitsy little spider song. But we like better acting like spider-man, with our spider-man masks!!

Marvel (Spider-man) 1b

I know many people who are frighten by spiders. My students are not part of them, in fact, they want to be like Peter Parker!!

We’re all AVENGERS part II (Iron man)-1a

Sometimes we have so much fun drawing, that the class time slips through our pencils, even though we have a blast of fun!!

We’re all AVENGERS part I (Camptain America)-1c

All great classroom, have great students, and in this 1c, great superheros!!!

We’re all AVENGERS part II (Iron man)-1b

Continuing with the Avengers cast, is the turn of Iron man.

This is one of my students favorite Avenger!!

Look how exited they are!!!